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Monday, July 26


I jeszcze kilka uwag na temat tego, "jak tam jest".

  • Outside the office it is 45 degrees and the humidity is varying dramatically.
  • We have to have a medical test whilst we are here
    for residency.
  • You can dirve for 2 weeks on your driving license and then you have to have an eye test and you get a qatari driving license.
  • I get a hire car tomorrow morning for the two weeks I am here.  Not sure what to do with it though as there is nowhere I can go.  Lots people are on holiday at the moment so it feels very slow and dead here.
  • Can you believe that to open a work email account you have to get your sponsor to approve it (I have no idea who the sponsor is but someone in the government) - mad huh!! It seems that you need a sponsor for
    everything (mobile phones etc).
  • I will let you know about apratments but everyone is saying it takes months to arrange something. It is scaring my how long these thing take and that everyone is saying that you should come out when it is all sorted.
  • I ask people what they do at weekends and they say "meet family".  The english guys don't seem to do anything.

Poza tym biedny Matt wciaz nie wie, co tam bedzie robil. Pisze tak:
I don't really know any more about my work.  A lot is going on but I don't know exactly what I will be doing.

Wiedzialam, ze tam nie bedzie super, ale zeby az tak??? Chociaz, sa tez dobre strony. Np. w biurze:

  • Can you believe they is a boy who just makes tea and coffee all day. 
    Also you are not expected to do any photocopying -there is someone to do this for you.

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