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Przed wyjazdem

W mieszkaniu nie zostalo juz prawie nic, oprocz mebli i kilku osobistych rzeczy. No i oczywiscie naszych toreb, zawierajacych cale nasze zycie, no, moze jakis jego skrawek, czyli generalnie rzeczy ktore zabieramy ze soba do Kataru. Bagaze przepakowywalismy kilka razy. A to dlatego, ze linie lotnicze KLM maja bardzo surowe zasady jesli chodzi o bagaz. Poprzednio Matt lecac do Kataru musial zaplacic 900 dolarow za nadbagaż!!! Chcac uniknac placenia tym razem, musielismy niezle sie naglowic. Moglismy zabrac ze soba 20 kilogramow bagazu kazde z nas (czyli razem 60kg), oraz po 10kg bagazu podrecznego. Wydaje sie sporo, ale jak tu spakowac to, co sie gromadzilo przez kilka lat w trzy niewielkie torby? Zatem sie przepakowywalismy i przepakowywalismy. W koncu sie jakos udalo, ale torby byly wypchane do granic niemozliwosci - ledwo sie dalo je zasunac. No i najlepszy byl bagaz podreczny - wygladalismy jak przekupy z rynku, bo mielismy duza torbe, dwa ogromne plecaki, laptop, kamera, ale najlepsze byly trzy przeswitujace plastykowe reklamowki (bo nam normalnych toreb braklo...) wypchane zarciem w sloikach dla dziecka, majtkami, i innymi "skarbami" typu cukierki, i takie tam... No i oczywiscie moja torebka, rowerek Zuzi, i Zuzia ze swoja olbrzymia lala, ktora i tak mama niesc musiala (lala sie oczywiscie do torby nie zmiescila, i musielismy udawac, ze dziecko bez lali sie nigdzie nie ruszy...)

Funny things


Some funny things I heard today from an expat

1) There are three things bad about working in the Middle East

    June, July and August

2) When do you know you are living in Doha for too long.

    You put you coat on when you go inside a building (not sure if you understand this one but you will when you come here)

Other funny observations:

1) Coke cans all have the old style ring pulls,  I haven't seen them for years

2) They have one million types of plastic food bags of varying size (imagine the toilet roll section in Tesco and you get the idea)

Monday, July 26


I jeszcze kilka uwag na temat tego, "jak tam jest".

  • Outside the office it is 45 degrees and the humidity is varying dramatically.
  • We have to have a medical test whilst we are here
    for residency.
  • You can dirve for 2 weeks on your driving license and then you have to have an eye test and you get a qatari driving license.
  • I get a hire car tomorrow morning for the two weeks I am here.  Not sure what to do with it though as there is nowhere I can go.  Lots people are on holiday at the moment so it feels very slow and dead here.
  • Can you believe that to open a work email account you have to get your sponsor to approve it (I have no idea who the sponsor is but someone in the government) - mad huh!! It seems that you need a sponsor for
    everything (mobile phones etc).
  • I will let you know about apratments but everyone is saying it takes months to arrange something. It is scaring my how long these thing take and that everyone is saying that you should come out when it is all sorted.
  • I ask people what they do at weekends and they say "meet family".  The english guys don't seem to do anything.

Poza tym biedny Matt wciaz nie wie, co tam bedzie robil. Pisze tak:
I don't really know any more about my work.  A lot is going on but I don't know exactly what I will be doing.

Wiedzialam, ze tam nie bedzie super, ale zeby az tak??? Chociaz, sa tez dobre strony. Np. w biurze:

  • Can you believe they is a boy who just makes tea and coffee all day. 
    Also you are not expected to do any photocopying -there is someone to do this for you.

Email z Doha


Matt juz wyjechal. W niedziele, o 5 rano. Smutno tu bez niego.... Nie myslalam, ze tak mi sie bedzie przykrzylo...

Dzis napisal do mnie maila. Oto fragmenty (te, opisujace "jak tam jest"):

  • (...) Internet access it limited in the office here. I don't have computer yet. I am being asked to look at car park designs. I am not sure about this job.
  • (...) living in this villa which is huge. My bedroom is the size of our bedroom and lounge put together (one positive for living here I suppose is that rooms are big).
  • The A/C seems to be working better.
  • When we landed in Saudi (z Amsterdamu polecieli do Saudi Arabia, tam sie zatrzymali aby wysadzic pasazerow lecacy do Arabii) I stayed on the plane with most of the other westerners staying too. One funny thing – when we crossed the border of Saudi the aircrew had to collect all the old bottles and cans of alcohol to ensure that no one drunk alcohol ‘in Saudi’.
  • Then took off and landed in Doha 30 mins later. The heat just hits you when you get off the plane and this is 10pm at night. I am worried about the temperature tomorrow.
  • (...) It seems that the weekend is Friday and Saturday. The working day finishes at 6:30pm. I will tell you more when I go to the office tomorrow.
  • I get the impression nothing will be easy here. Speaking to the guy that picked me up, I asked him if he is enjoying his time here – he didn’t really answer – just said it was interesting.
  • (...)I am not sure about this place. It seems to be very dead. Nobody has applied for an alcohol license as they say they don’t drink. One guy has bought a 4x4 vehicle so he can go into the desert at weekend. (...) One of the younger guys said he just stays in and reads books. The villa has a small swimming pool but I don’t think they use it.
  • Doha looks to me like towns in Spain – the buildings are white and the whole place just has that feel about it. When you land the first building you can see is good old McDonalds. There is a shopping centre near the airport (...)Obviously I have seen nothing of Doha yet but so far I am not impressed.

No i jak Wam sie podoba?



Sprostowanie od mojego męża:

"Lodziarka" nie była ubrana w spódniczkę, tylko w niesamowicie obcisłe spodnie 3/4, tzw. rybaczki.

Ciekawe, od kiedy on taki spostrzegawczy...

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